Today, ACF serves more than 20,000 members. Members have the opportunity to join an ACF local chapter or the national chapter. Membership in a local chapter is an excellent way to network with other professional culinarians in your community, meet local vendors and gain access to educational programs, online courses and materials. More than 230 local chapters are established as separate organizations that are linked to the national organization. ACF has a professional and experienced staff ready to assist you with any culinary related questions you may have. Explore our national site for more information. To download a ACF National Membership brochure click here.

What is the Association?

We are a group of dedicated Professional Culnarians, Students, Allied, and Associate members who have come together to form

Why Join?

There are many great reasons to join, but long time members will tell you the camradarie and friendships they have gained over the years is equally as important as the knowledge they have gained.

Can I Join Just the ACFAZ 

Based on the American Culinary Federation By-Laws there is no option provided to join just the local association. Though there is offered a varity of membership options, there should be one that fits your classification and budget. 

Professional Culinarian - Chef, Cook (over 3 years full time employment)
Culinarian - Chef, Cook (minimum of 6 months full time employment)
Student Culinarian - Student / Apprentice (over 18)
Junior Culinarian - Student, High School (under 18)
Allied - Dietician, F&B, etc.
Associate - Purveyor / Vendor
Culinary Enthusiast - Not employed in culinary related field, but has a passion for culinary arts

These membership categories provide Full benefits, rights and privelages as designated by the National ACF office.

Join the ACF
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