Board Minutes 2011 (December)


  • ACF Meeting Minutes
    Monday December 5th 2012 The Parlor
    Attendance: Carlton, Madonna, Frank, Juan, Francine, Rene, Renae, Jill, Brian

    Reviewed the minutes from the previous meeting

    Discussed the Debits for November and the current balance

    Membership Details

    How can we drive membership and what are some of the challenges with getting members to join.

    Send out a Survey monkey to see what people want to get out of the ACF and the meetings.

    How do we create more awareness of what the ACF is and what it can do?

    Should we create a Junior Culinary chapter to increase membership? If so who would lead this up? Form a subcommittee to discuss- Jill and Francine to get with Madonna.

    Preliminary ideas are as follows- product and trend knowledge for culinary students, exposure to different career choices, sponsorship and building teams for competitions, Content for students vs. content for professional chef, chef demos

    Meeting format- does it work? Should we look at a structure similar to the old style of meetings?

    Compartmentalize Jr. ACF and professional chefs to balance both so we do not lose interest from either group.

    Food and Beverage should be present at each meeting since we are working with foodies.

    Vendor relations- are we getting enough out of them? Untapped resources.


    KP Culinary bridge with Corporate and add items that young chefs would like to look at.

    Create a subcommittee for Food Service Geeks

    Everyone can build on and contribute

    Send your professional profiles to Madonna

    Subject matter experts- who and what

    Break out trends

    Local companies supporting trends