Board Minutes 2012 (September)

American Culinary Federation- Arizona Chapter

Date: 9/10/2012

Location: Tempe School District Office

Recording Secretary: Larry Canepa

Invitees Attend: Chef Carlton Brooks, Madonna Kash, Juan Martinez, Deiter Christopher, Glenn Humphreys, Larry Canepa, Brian Dragos


Linda Rider, Director of Nutritional Services

Chef Tom French, Experience Food Project (

Several Board members mentioned that there are many jobs for culinary students that are going unfilled.

Contact the following at culinary schools for opportunities:

Bill Buck, Art Institute

Robert Cipriano, Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale

Mike Turcotte, EVIT

2. Junior Chapter of the AZ Chef Association

Notes: The junior/student chapter has been very slow to get started, grow and sustain itself after several months. It was noted that the chapter lacks the guidance, student leadership and goals to succeed despite chapter support, guest speakers, promotion and operational guidelines. The student chapter has missed meeting dates over the summer, and has not gathered a complete email list of members.

Additional Discussion Points:

  • Interest level is low

  • Communication is poor between students and leadership of the chapter

  • Student chapter requests additional support; interactive and relevant information specific to the student group.

  • Suggestions included better communication among the student chapters and the culinary school, but leadership needs to guide and direct this action to build membership and interest

  • The Board recommended that student leaders stress value added incentives , such as volunteer credit, extracurricular education and networking opportunities with fellow members

3. Culinary Notes

Notes: Madonna Kash reported that Culinary Notes is ready to be published and will be able to generate advertising revenue. Initial publication will resemble ‘Smart Brief’ format and be ready for on-line distribution by end of September.

4. Events
Notes: Phoenix Cooks! event was attended by Larry Canepa, Madonna Kash of ACF and the event was well staffed with LCB student volunteers. Thanks to all the students for their assistance. 

Upcoming events:

November 2012: Getting Our Just Desserts, Art Institute

October 7, 2012: Dine Out Phoenix

September 28-30, 2012: Maricopa County Home & Garden Show

THANKS to Chef Robert de Santis, Wendy and Nancy Hushek from Advantage Waypoint for the dinner !

Next Meeting: October Meeting

Valley View Orchard Learning Center

GUEST PRESENTATION Chef Tom French, Experience Food Project

Chef Tom French gave an inspiring, educational and informative presentation of his work with school and the Chefs Move to School program. He advocates that chefs Engage local communities in sustainable solutions that integrate community values, provide access to good food, support viable agriculture and strengthen local economies;  Provide leadership and technical assistance to enable every school district in the state of Washington to prepare healthy, locally sourced lunches, snacks and breakfasts available to every child. Facilitate research and education programs that address leadership and policy change for sustainable food systems and demonstrate best practices. Chef French gave the chapter many, many tips to connect and make the programs successful. He suggested the following: Get focused on the goals, Make a plan, develop recipes, meet the farmers and be prepared to take small steps to achieve big results. He encouraged everyone involved in the program to recapture the experience of eating.

Minutes prepared by: Larry P. Canepa, September 15, 2012

Minutes Approved: [ Approval signature needed ]