January 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

ACFAZ Board Meeting Minutes

Brian Dragos Glenn Humphrey Carlton Brooks
Andy West Dieter Preiser Eric LaQua
Madonna Kash Robert DeSantis Nery Palma

Treasurer’s report- Nancy not available but we have money in the bank

President Report- Cost saving measures- Convention fees paid by employer, may be able to assist others.
Looking for more Sponsorship where they pay dues for selected chefs
Looking at state chapter merge possibilities

No Kid Hungry Bake Sale raised $1700 statewide

Student Association- more info in the future

Chef & Child –Received grant for $1500 to go toward purchasing equipment for the Chef to School program as reported by Jill Smith

Received $600 from Jim Pappas for Mt. Claret Retreat Center Evening Under the Start event.

By-Laws- revisions on hold until we see about incorporating other state chapters

New Business- Bring back Chef’s forum to be held at Shamrock. Under development
Develop an industry Board

Regional award candidates- Juan Martinez- Educator of the Year
Chris Cwierz- Pastry Chef of the Year
Lenard Rubin- Chef of the Year
Walter Leible- Hermann Rusch Award

Board Members- Brian Dragos- Pres
Nery Palma-VP
Nancy Hushek-Treasurer
Glenn Humphrey- Secretary
Andrew West- Sgt at Arms
Carlton Brooks-Past Pres/Chairman
Jill Smith-Board
Juan Martinez- Board
Robert DeSantis-Board
Madonna Kash- Marketing

Culinary Salon- Categories, Schedule
Judges, Franklin, Leible and Henin

ACE Judges- need lead judge here in AZ