Membership Type

Professional Culinarian  $235.00

Culinarian with at least three (3) years of full-time employment in the culinary profession.

Associate Member  $237.00

A representative of a group, company or corporation providing products and services to the culinary profession.

Allied Member  $230.00

An individual employed in a field related to the culinary profession (Dietitian, Nutritionist, Restaurant Manager/Owner, etc.)

Culinarian $131.00

Culinarian not involved in the management or supervision of staff, minimum six (6) months full-time employment.

Student Culinarian $84.00

Student or apprentice currently in the culinary field and less than two (2) years’ work experience.

Junior Culinarian  $67.00

High School students between 16-18 years of age.

Military Member

Offers military personnel membership at a discounted rate. A military membership includes all the benefits of an ACF membership including discounts on certification for the military.

Enthusiast  $131.00

An individual that is not employed in a culinary field, but has a passion for the culinary arts. Individuals who enjoy cooking, baking, dining at independent restaurants, or who may have their favorite chef on speed dial should join as an Enthusiast.